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Telesteps 10ES Telescoping Stepladder - 6ft Extended Height

Telesteps 10ES Telescoping Stepladder - 6ft Extended Height

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Telesteps step ladders extend and lock to give you the exact height you need. When closed, they're small enough to fit in a car's trunk for easy transport and compact storage. To close, pinch tabs on the second rung to release the locking mechanism, and then slide each section down one by one. 


  • Wide Step Telescoping A-Frame Ladder with 10ft reach
  • Supports up to 375 pounds
  • Weighs 18.5 pounds 
  • Reachable Height: 10ft
  • Ladder Height Extended: 6ft
  • Ladder Height Closed: 29.5in 
  • Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • OSHA Compliant, ANSI 14.2 tested, EN131 Tested
  • Stair Offset Feature
  • Comes with Carry Strap
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    Once the ladder is locked in place, you can quickly and easily pinch the One Touch Release Buttons that will slowly lower the rungs back to it’s original compact size. No physical tug of war, no use of tools…just a simple pinch, to lower inch by inch!


    We take your safety seriously, and with the safety indicator window feature, we trust you’ll feel more comfortable with each step you take. RED means do not climb and GREEN indicates that it is safe to climb. Safety is paramount with everything we do.


    The ES Series features a wide stabilizer bar that provides additional stability and safety when using the ladder. The Essential Tool for Contractors, Professionals and Homeowners. Made of aircraft grade aluminum.


    The EP Series features the wide Pro Step, for professional use. The steps are a comfortable 3 5/8” wide, ribbed for grip and angled at 75% so Contractors feet are always flat and level on the rung of the ladder.


    The ES Combination series has a stair feature. Move the Retainer Block from the bottom rung to a higher rung on the back side of the ladder. Press it underneath the rung. Then pinch the red buttons together and raise the base so it meets the Retainer Block and can fit on a staircase.


    The top rungs are for leaning against or holding onto. Do not climb on them. This feature adds addition stability and safety when working up high on the ladder. When the back side of the ladders has been raised and locked into the Retainer Block on a higher rung, you can now lean the ladder against a wall and use it as an extension ladder.

See why Telesteps is the #1 Telescoping Ladder in the World!