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Smart Level Altimeter

Smart Level Altimeter

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The Smart Level Altimeter is the surefire way for home inspectors to definitely identify elevation issues. In our industry, we're responsible for identifying exterior grading concerns or determining if the interior of a home is level. And while you can use bubble levels or eyeballing concerns, the Smart Level allows you to map out areas up to a sixteenth of an inch.

But what makes this level "smart"? The Smart Level features Bluetooth technology that works with your mobile phone to capture plot points and even generate images with the data you collect. You can even generate 3D mapping with augmented reality data points (Apple devices only).

We think the Smart Level opens up a new ancillary service for our clients. 


  • Accuracy +/- 1/16"
  • 100 feet of mineral oil-filled tubing
  • 10 ° to 100°F operating temperature
  • Bluetooth connectivity to IOS and Android devices 
  • Carrying case and Monopod included

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