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Circuit IQ Electrical Panel Mapping Kit - 30 Mappers

Circuit IQ Electrical Panel Mapping Kit - 30 Mappers

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How often as home inspectors do we see unlabeled electrical panels?  In our reports, we often recommend our clients have an electrician map it out. In reality, most clients don't due to electricians not wanting to take on the job or the high cost of the project.

With CircuitIQ we believe this is a game-changer of an ancillary service we can offer our clients. With 100% accuracy, we can map out every circuit in an electrical panel in as little as 45 minutes. 

How it Works

First, plug all the mappers into every outlet. Use the included adapters to go into lamp sockets, 240v outlets, and more. Next, turn on the Gateway which communicates with the mappers. Then turn on the CircuitIQ app and it will guide you on the step-by-step process of identifying each breaker. Lastly, print off a label with the included portable printer.

Included In This Kit

  • Premium Gateway (Up to 14 Hours of use between charges)
  • 30 Electrical plug Mappers 
  • 10 - Lamp Socket Adapters
  • 30 Amp Plug Adapter
  • 50 Amp Plug Adapter
  • 1ft Extension Cord for Exterior Outlet Covers
  • Panel Card Printer
  • 100 Sheets - 20 Year Rated Thermal Paper 
  • Plus 1 Free Digital Plug Tester
  • NANUK Case

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