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Chim-Scan® Series 211 Chimney Inspection Camera

Chim-Scan® Series 211 Chimney Inspection Camera

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The Chim-Scan® Series 211 chimney inspection camera

The unit is designed with the controller inside the lid and reeler mounted on the inside of the case. 

Chim-Scan Features

  • High Definition Display
  • 10" Screen
  • Top view and rotating/tilting side view camera with adjustable LED lighting
  • 50' Reel with 30' of Push Rods
  • SD Card Recording of HD videos and images
  • Can be powered with either 120v or your favorite brand of tool battery
  • Type comments on the screen (keyboard option only)
  • Perform voiceover with mic input (mic not included)
  • Water resistant case included
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